Building the first digital native flavor house

Our Story

We’re a team of scientists passionate about food, beverage, flavors, sensory and systems. We realized that measuring the taste of flavors will change the industry. End 2018, we bet our time and money to create iSense, the first flavor tech start-up, and to bring comparability to the flavor industry.

Flavors, in our industrial ingredient context, mean the lemon, vanilla or chicken flavors that are driving the taste of mass-produced food and beverages. And there are hundreds of thousands of them.

Our models are Pantone and Google, one mapping colors, the other mapping the earth, and both deriving industry changing services. Then, we thought about mapping the flavor space independently and building a flavor navigator.

This is how iSense started. Our services include flavor sensory profiling, ie the specification and certification of flavors key functionality, their taste. And our customers can easily compare, benchmark, and source flavors across suppliers, based on standardized and independent sensory data. Something revolutionary today.

Our mission
Bringing comparability to the flavor industry to ease collaboration, trade and the design of great tasting food.
Our vision
Building the first digital native flavor house