For Food & Beverage Manufacturers

Driving comparability and collaboration
across flavor houses

image of a food marketer

Go beyond “strawberry” into “strawberry attributes” when briefing product developers.

food product developer
Product Developers

Build company strategic flavor knowledge, screen, select, and benchmark immediately based on taste, accelerate development.

food quality manager
Quality Managers

Independent flavor profiling for QA, find alternative flavors, build contingency plans, and access flavor house maintained data at all time.

image of a buyer in food industry

Compare across suppliers, avoid proliferation, rationalize portfolio, benchmark at all time to optimize cost and facilitate negotiations.

Deliver winning products to consumers, quicker

Image of a bakery

The local industrial bakery

Access flavor houses and flavors directly, remotely, with the best search engine

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Image of a food scientist

The regional beverage manufacturer

Optimize your cost, accelerate your product development, limit complexity

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Image of a confectionary

The large confectionary multinational

Build the data and insight needed to support consumer-centric product development

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