The Flavor Navigator

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Independent, unbiased and game-changing flavor portal for ingredient suppliers and F&B manufacturers

Understand the marketplace

Search suppliers, compare flavors and order samples

Suppliers and flavors

Discover flavor houses, ingredient suppliers, and their flavors. Ask your preferred flavor houses to join and publish their flavors. Ask for your sub-collections of buying flavors, maintained and accessible at all time. iSense marketplace is accessible in full only to F&B manufacturers, and requires a registration and login to protect flavor houses data.


Select any flavor from your flavor manager, and benchmark against the marketplace. Simplify your portfolio and make sure you’re buying well, any time.

Food formulations

While searching flavors can be daunting, searching a food or beverage recipe is an easier exercise. Find recipes and order samples of associated flavors.

Digital engagement

Industry developers and buyers require multichannel 24/7 engagement. Usual e-shops do not work for flavors. How will you select between 50 strawberry pictures? iSense brings price and taste comparability between flavors to drive selection, collaboration and digital engagement.

Your flavor manager

Build-up flavor sensory data, select, benchmark, match and brief flavor houses

Flavor management

Flavor selection and flavor data management are a struggle. iSense eases flavor management and selection. Sub-collections empower distributors, suppliers and F&B manufacturers with curated, documented and maintained flavors. Collaboration is enabled with taste standards and certification. And digital engagement becomes a reality.


Flavors are functional taste backboxes. iSense certifies each flavors taste to offer comparability. Enjoy cost-in-use comparability thanks our iso-intensity tasting, and profile comparability thanks our flavor sensory profilings. Benchmarking across thousands of flavors is done with a click, to support flavor selection and commercial decisions.


Creating flavors from building blocks was always considered as the next frontier: iSense makes it a reality. Select a target profile, select flavors or building blocks to blend, and get a recommended blend formulation to match your target profile.


Briefing a new flavor is a cumbersome time intensive and often biased exercise. iSense briefing interface allows to post qualitative briefs to your preferred flavor houses within minutes.