For Flavor Houses

Driving the right flavor choice

food house technologists
Food Technologists

Strategic flavor knowledge with you at all time, immediate screening of flavors based on sensory profiles, development of taste models to drive choice.

food house sales team
Sales Force

Entertaining flavor selection process with customers, comparability driving engagement, generating sample demands and qualified briefs.

food house product managers
Product Managers

Easier flavor management with curated flavor collections available across your company, distributors and customers.

food house distributors

Drive growth through your curated cloud-based flavor collection, maintained by your flavor house. Easy selection with customers with sample ordering & tracking.

Building up your digital future

flavour house scientists

Local and regional flavor houses

Gain unlimited access to market while leveraging your traditional strengths, whether these be your local taste understanding, your creation, your relationships or your cost structure

global flavor houses

Global flavor houses

Optimize your value chain to drive remote customer engagement

flavours in spices

Ingredient suppliers

Specify your ingredients’ taste to facilitate choice, increase value perception and deliver a targeted and compelling remote buying experience

flavors houses independent scientists

Independent flavorists and consultants

Promote your creations on iSense and get an instant, affordable & unlimited access to market