Why The Collection Manager?

Your flavors drive consumer preference and purchase intent. However flavors are cumbersome to manage - for strawberry alone there are some 30,000 variants globally. iSense makes flavor management simple.

We deliver the first cloud-based flavor collection management system with a built-in open flavor language, the iSense Toolkit™: one taxonomy across geographies and across companies, one standardized language for flavor taste assessment. Each flavor has its own unique flavor ID with a sensory profile.

A Standardized Flavor ID

While today different strawberry flavors respond to the same “physical” specification, tomorrow iSense will offer a unique flavor ID for each flavor, merging the usual “physical” specification with a sensory profile.

iSense flavor ID allows comparability, differentiation and search.

API Connection Possible

Your collection manager becomes an extension to your existing systems: easy download, upload, synchronization.

Data Maintenance Made Easy

Centralized and in your control for your flavor IDs. As a flavor house, you can push your flavor IDs to your customers Collection Manager to ensure clean and maintained flavor IDs on their side.

As a F&B manufacturer, if your preferred flavor house creates a flavor ID for you, and then they take care about the maintenance: your Collection Manager data is synchronized with theirs.

Advanced Flavor Search

Your Collection Manager enables you to search flavors by application, region, sensory profile and every other relevant criteria.


Once you have flavor sensory profiles done with a standardized language, it becomes easy not only to search flavors, but to compare them.


How often did you ask yourself whether you need a new flavor or whether there would be a match for a given flavor? While the answer is complex, your Collection Manager enables you to benchmark any flavor and find the closest one based on sensory data (for trained panel assessment only).