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May 2022

Disrupting flavour by defining taste: How iSense is bringing transparency to the functionality of flavours

Flavours are not currently defined by their most important functionality: taste. We speak to flavour tech innovator Sense about how it is using sensory data and digitalisation to develop a marketplace approach that delivers transparency to boost agility and affordability.

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Feb 2022

iSense featured among The FoodTech 500

The FoodTech 500, released in February 2022, shows that 2021 was a record-breaking year for the global AgriFoodTech system. 18 Swiss companies including iSense made it into the ranking.

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Dec 2021

Defining Flavors to Drive Efficiencies Across the F&B Industry

Understanding how to make the flavor selection process more efficient for both flavor houses and food and beverage manufacturers.

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Sep 2021

iSense mentioned in Food Navigator Asia's Science Shorts

iSense flavour profiling mentioned along Mars' predictive tech, Ajinomoto's umami study in Food Navigator Asia's Science Shorts article.

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Sep 2021

The Pantone of flavours: Taste-based profiling tech, iSense, vows to redefine flavour industry and boost new product development (NPD)

iSense makes advances in Asia, with the aim to redefine the flavour industry by focusing on taste as a never-before-used parameter, which has enormous potential to help food and beverage manufacturers boost product development and productivity by removing the guesswork.

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July 2021

A Feel for Flavor - New approaches to crafting foods and beverages with appealing texture

iSense featured in preparedFoods July 2021 issue.

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Dec 2020

Connecting Demand to Supply: 2021 Food Supply Chain Tech Outlook

iSense logo mapped along leading foodtech and agtech companies by Culterra Capital, an advisory firm focused exclusively on tech-driven innovation across the food system.

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Nov 2020

Kickstart pushes innovation engine in Switzerland even in the crisis with 48 new partnerships

Zurich, 9 November, 2020 - Kickstart Innovation, one of Europe’s leading innovation platforms, announced the initiation of 48 Proofs of Concepts (PoCs) and other partnerships between start-ups, scale-ups and established companies and institutions.

July 2020

Kickstart's new cohort includes 17 Swiss startups

Kickstart is engaging on different levels to drive innovation activities in Switzerland. Over 50 high growth startups from 11 countries are participating this year, including 17 startups from Switzerland. The teams will embark on a three-month acceleration journey starting in September.

July 2020

Innovation Hub Switzerland: 51 startups bringing solutions for the future

Kickstarter press release

Apr 2020

The "next normal" - what will this mean for the Flavor & Fragrance industry? - Flavor, Fragrance & Ingredients Consultants, Focus International

What will the "next normal" mean for the F&F Industry?

Feb 2020

Flavor taste specification to generate productivity and guide flavor choice

iSense AG CEO Mathieu Asté explains how sensory analysis applied to flavors makes flavor collection management easier. You will also discover iSense functions of SEARCHING, COMPARING, BENCHMARKING, RATIONALIZING and MAPPING flavors.

Feb 2020

Making sense of sensory

As competition and complexity in food and drink offers intensify, is sensory science vital to capturing elusive gaps in the market?

As featured in

Jan 2020

Specifying the taste of flavors to support the right flavor choice

The food industry mass production model is facing a period of disruption. It needs speed to address changing consumer landscape and productivity to tackle increasing competition.

Jul 2019

Digitized flavors: Swiss start-up seeks to elevate efficiencies and uniformity in flavor profiling

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Apr 2019

iSense raises funds to make flavor digitization a reality

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Apr 2019

Start-up iSense enhancing interaction between food makers and flavour houses

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Feb 2019

The Digitalisation of Flavour: How Data and Machine Learning Can Transform Food Systems

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July 2019

How iSense plans to disrupt the flavor market

The Swiss startup, which will digitize flavors, is one of many to adopt technology to provide better sensory data to manufacturers faster.