iSense Toolkits

iSense languages dedicated to flavor sensory evaluation: the keys to open the flavor blackboxes

What are iSense Toolkits?

The iSense Toolkits are a unique set of languages built for the evaluation of flavors in tasting solutions

Each language is comprised of a number of descriptors (names) and associated chemical referents (molecules).

As an example, the iSense strawberry language is composed of 16 descriptors with 16 referents.

You can smell and taste each referent once diluted in the recommended tasting solution. This way you memorize the taste associated with each of the descriptors.

Why are the iSense Toolkits important?

The iSense toolkits are the key to the language of flavors

They allow you to:

Understand and memorize flavor descriptors

Communicate efficiently and precisely across functions, both internally and externally, about flavors

Generate or receive better briefing to accelerate product development

Understand flavor sensory profiles and relate to the descriptors in the toolkits

iSense Toolkit Offering

iSense Strawberry Toolkit

Available June 2019

iSense Vanilla Toolkit

Available June 2019

iSense Dairy Toolkit

Available soon

iSense Citrus Toolkit

Available soon

...and more to come