iSense Platform

The first digital platform dedicated to the taste industry with disruptive tools and functionalities fueled by iSense unique taste data

Flavor houses and F&B makers manage extensive collections of flavors. They often prefer to create new flavors, respectively buy new ones, than leverage their own collection. iSense changes this.

iSense Flavor Collection Manager

Your own private and secured digital tool to leverage a precious asset - your flavor collection

Upload your flavor collection online

Order digitization and get the sensory profile of your flavor uploaded into its flavor ID, within your collection.

Multiple controlled and secured accesses to one collection

For your people across functions and geographical locations. For your close partners and distributors.

Convenient and intuitive interface

Designed by flavor users for flavor users, giving an immediate overview and enabling editing of your collection.

Flavor search function

Search within your own collection and set up filters that you can save for use later.

Rationalise your collection

Effective flavor mapping, clustering to optimize your collection.

For Flavor Houses

Publish your digitized flavors on the marketplace from your flavor collection manager

Make effective decisions on which flavors to promote, with targeted offerings relevant for specific markets, applications or customers

Make sharper and immediate flavor choices and enjoy success rates and less sample waste

For F&B Manufacturers

Search your company’s own flavor collection, across geographical locations and select flavors on the spot based on their digital profiles

Issue sharper flavor briefs and leverage your own portfolio before looking for new flavors

Benchmark new flavor proposals to your own collection before listing, to prevent repetition and reduce complexity

What if your best flavors were visible to the world and your samples accessible at a click? What if your development chefs could select a differentiated flavor and order a sample within 5 minutes?

iSense Flavor Marketplace

Connecting the flavor industry players on a new, relevant and disruptive commercial channel that will host tens of thousands of flavors

A wealth of digitized flavors revealed

Flavor houses publish flavors on the iSense marketplace and  F&B makers can search the marketplace for flavors

Fair competition based on product specifications

Only the flavor ID - "physical" specification and sensory profile - will be published, with no mention of the manufacturer name

Save time and resources spent travelling for meetings

Once flavor houses and F&B makers get familiar with the iSense tookits, defining flavor needs becomes easier, whether you start from scratch or better, from a digitized flavor benchmark. Remote communication replaces part of the laborious face-to-face meetings: focus is back to the flavor and its taste specification

For Flavor Houses

Generate sample requests

Increase your commercial reach while differentiating from your competition

Offer your customers on the marketplace an immediate and sharper flavor choice

For F&B Manufacturers

Search the marketplace for new flavors in a matter of minutes

Access a wealth of flavors and new local suppliers

Make your selection armed with data and request a flavor sample from the marketplace

Data and Intelligence

Harness iSense taste data to generate unique insights and accelerate innovation

From now till mid-2020

In the future

* Based on demo data and for illustration purposes

Rationalizing and optimizing your flavor collection

As iSense users generate more taste and usage data, iSense will offer statistical tools to rationalize/optimize flavor collections, identify taste gaps and trends

The taste business has until now lacked trusted data to generate useful intel and insights. iSense has kickstarted the generation of data, and there is so much potential in what we can derive from this data

As iSense users generate more taste and usage data, iSense will offer statistical tools to rationalize/optimize flavor collections, identify taste gaps and trends

What we can anticipate:

Taste Predictive Models

Linking digital flavor profiles to their impact in a given food matrix, helping product developers to accelerate innovation through sharper and quicker flavor choice

Flavor Formulation Predictive Models

Linking digital flavor profiles to their formulations, which could change the way flavors are created, accelerating innovation

You can be as creative as you want with the data generated with iSense, but first, you NEED the data

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