Frequently Asked Questions

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About iSense

Why iSense™?
Why do I need to register to access my Collection Manager?
Why do I need to register to access the marketplace?
What is the collection manager?
What is the marketplace?
How to sell flavors remotely using iSense?
How can I efficiently rationalize my flavor collection using iSense?

About the collection manager

How to add a new flavor to my collection manager?
How to order an iSense™ Trained Panel Assessment?
How can I compare flavors?
How can I benchmark flavors?
How to create a flavor self-assessment?
How can I search a flavor in my collection?
How do I request a flavor sample?

About the marketplace

How can I search a flavor in the marketplace?
How do I publish my flavors on the marketplace?

About iSense toolkit™

What is an iSense Toolkit™?
What is the shelf-life of an iSense Toolkit™?
How to use the iSense Toolkit™?

About the sensory evaluation

What is the matrix iSense uses to assess the sensory profile of flavor?
Which dosage does iSense use to evaluate the flavors?
What is the difference between a bench-testing and a trained panel assessment?
How can I be sure that the profile evaluated by iSense in tasting solution is the right one for my application?
How is Flavor comparison in water solution relevant?
How can I demonstrate that my flavor contains unique proprietary molecules/technology?
My flavor is unique, and the flavor profile is IP