Flavor Digitization

No more flavor taste black boxes - iSense creates unique sensory profiles for individual flavors, enabling flavor discrimination, comparability and search

What is Flavor Digitization?

iSense creates unique sensory profiles for individual flavors. We call it “digitizing flavors”. We do it with dedicated trained panels, using transparent flavor languages and standardized well-known sensory methodologies.

While flavor houses might present their flavors with descriptors (like jammy, green, phenolic…) or with an indicative sensory profile, they do not necessarily disclose the associated language. And different flavor houses have different languages which blurs the interpretation of data and does not allow comparability and transparency.

As a result, the F&B makers are unable to compare offerings from different flavor houses and they have to go through lengthy sensory trainings with different suppliers to get their team up to speed. Additionally, only a handful of Food and Beverage makers benefit from this service.

iSense standardizes flavor languages across flavor houses and across the F&B industry whatever your size

How iSense is different:

We digitize flavors and taste ingredients only. Food and beverages are out of scope.

We’re independent, we do not sell flavors.

iSense sensory methodologies are simple and well known by the industry.

iSense language and toolkits are available to all.

We’re accurate, quick and affordable as we specialize trained panels and mutualize the cost.

iSense specifies the taste of flavors. We create objective taste data that generate productivity and accelerate innovation. We open the blackbox of flavors and make COMPARABILITY and DISCRIMINATION between flavors possible.

A unique ID for each flavor

While today different strawberry flavors respond to the same "physical" specification, tomorrow iSense will offer a unique flavor ID for each flavor, merging the usual "physical" specification with a sensory profile.

iSense flavor ID allows comparability, differentiation and search.

Your iSense collection will comprise of flavors that have a unique individual ID. Similarly, our market place will promote flavors that have a unique individual completed ID.

iSense selected and partnered EUROFINS SAM to build its global sensory operation. EUROFINS SAM is an established leader in sensory, bespoke panel management and consumer insight. Their expertise, name and global footprint suit the global ambitions of iSense perfectly.

How it works

Request for Flavor Digitization

Contact iSense and place an order for your flavor digitization

Send us your flavor samples

Send us your flavor samples (30ml or 30g, compliant with EU regulation)

Your flavors are digitized

iSense dedicated trained panels will deliver an objective measurement of the taste of your flavors in the form of a sensory profile

Results available online

Your flavor’s digital profile will show up with its flavor ID once ready and you’ll get a notification

Manage your flavor collection online

Your private "collection manager" is now set-up with digitized flavors. Give access to selected individuals across functions and geographical locations. If you are a flavor house, you can choose to publish your flavors on the iSense marketplace

Gain access to the best available set of methodologies, languages and dedicated trained panels that are constantly learning for your better performance.