An ecosystem to guide flavor choice

iSense is a Swiss start-up created mid 2018 by a group of passionate food, sensory and flavor scientists, IT engineers and marketers.

Today the F&B industry demands transparency, rapid NPD time to market and high productivity.

Despite this, flavors are still not defined for their most important attribute - their taste. As a result, flavor choices are based on artistry, causing increased complexity, higher costs and slower NPD.

iSense changes this. We specify the taste of flavors, we guide flavor choice with data and analytics and we provide a better buying and selling experience with the flavor industry's first global digital trading hub.

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What's different with iSense

We focus on taste ingredients

We bring transparency and comparability

We are independent and unbiased

We level out access to market

We facilitate flavor choice

Your first steps with iSense

Sign-up for a licence

Access your company controlled and secured flavor collection manager, invite colleagues to join

Add new flavors

Create your flavors in your collection manager and select those you want to assess for their taste

Order your flavor taste assessments

Send us your flavor samples for taste assessment

Sensory profiles available online

iSense specifies the taste of your flavors. You get notified as sensory profiles are made available

Leverage your Collection Manager

Optimize and leverage your flavor collection, build-up knowledge, search flavors, select, recommend

Scale access to market (Flavor houses)

Publish your flavors on iSense Marketplace engage with F&B manufacturers and generate sample requests

Order samples quickly (F&B Manufacturers)

Find and order the right samples in seconds

The iSense Team

The iSense team is global, comprising talented individuals located in France, Switzerland, Singapore, China, and the US. We collaborate with the best consultants, not only in the field of flavor chemistry and sensory sciences, but also design, UX and IT.

Our sensory operation is supported by Eurofins SAM Sensory & Marketing Research, a leading agency today in the field of sensory and consumer sciences. We have a global network of advisors, expert contributors and the support of our investors to further develop our offering and drive commercialization.

mathieu aste
Mathieu Asté

Founder and CEO,
Business Developement (ASIA)

florence catterson
Florence Catterson

Business Development Director

trevor rehill
Trevor Rahill

‍Business Development

elizabeth bardonnaud
Elizabeth Bardonnaud

CEO, Evidence Aromatic SARL
Partner and technical advisor,
iSense AG

maggie lee
Maggie Lee

Business Development
iSense AG

peter esch
Peter Esch

Business Development
iSense AG

Quentin Reyt

Flavorist and Taste Expert,
CEO QR Flavour Solutions
Flavour Solutions
Technical Advisor, iSense AG, Paris FR

Advisory Board

joseph m light
Joseph M. Light

Member, Advisory Board