About iSense

iSense is a Swiss Startup that aims to disrupt the flavor industry’s business model by creating many firsts: a universal open flavor language, digital sensory profiles for flavors and an eco-system of online tools to manage and optimize flavor operations.

The iSense team is global, comprising of 15 talented individuals, located in France, Switzerland, Singapore and Shanghai, Chile and the US. We collaborate with the best consultants, not only in the field of flavor chemistry and sensory sciences, but also design, UX and IT.

Our operation is supported by Eurofins SAM, a leader in the field of sensory and consumer sciences. We have a global network of advisors and the support of our investors to ensure the relevance of our products and help to drive geographical expansion.

The iSense Team

Mathieu Asté

Founder and CEO,
Business Developement (ASIA)

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Florence Catterson

Business Development Director

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Kareen Moser

Business Development

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Franck Janier-Dubry

Business Development

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Trevor Rahill

Business Development

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Elizabeth Bardonnaud

CEO, Evidence Aromatic SARL
Partner and technical advisor,
iSense AG

The other 9 behind the scenes

Most operations and scientific support to iSense are done through the work of brilliant individuals that invested in the company, working as contractors or acting as consultants. Nothing would be possible without their commitment and their hard work.