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Digitizing flavors for speed, productivity and commercial reach

iSense is a sensory operation dedicated to flavors and coupled with disruptive digital tools. We create unique sensory profiles for individual flavors, enabling flavor discrimination, comparability and search. We connect Flavor Houses and Food and Beverage manufacturers to generate productivity, commercial reach and accelerate innovation. iSense is the first of its kind.

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Our Partners

Presenting some of iSense Partners

iSense is digitizing the flavors of 17 bold and innovative flavor houses globally. Nothing would have happened without their trust and their willingness to explore iSense disruptive digital tools. At the same time, 5 significant F&B manufacturers participate already in pilots, Nestlé being one of them.

Taste Industry Challenges

F&B industries need productivity and speed

F&B manufacturers face challenges driven by consumer behavior changes, health and sustainability concerns, and raw material scarcity. To respond and thrive, they need agility and productivity in order to focus resources on consumers and innovation. In this context, relying on relationships and artistry to choose flavors is no longer enough: agility, low cost base and an understanding of local dynamics will be the key factor for successful flavor houses and will drive procurement choice.

Flavor businesses need taste data

A medium-sized flavor house owns thousands of flavor formulations. Still, it is often easier to create new flavors than leverage on existing ones, as flavors are not specified according to taste. Until today, there is no independent company that provides an objective measurement of the taste of flavors and no analytical instrument can replace the human palate. As a consequence, flavors remain black boxes. iSense opens the black boxes: we decode flavors to increase speed and productivity at the interface between flavor houses and food and beverage manufacturers.

Discover Our Digital Eco-system™️

iSense is a sensory operation coupled with a digital platform. Our taste data and digital tools generate speed, productivity and commercial reach.

iSense Toolkits™️

We develop sensory languages tailored to evaluate flavors objectively in tasting solutions. Our languages are accessible to all. They enable the sensory profiling or “digitization” of flavors

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Supports flavor digitization and the understanding of flavor sensory profiles

Assess flavor taste profiles in a reliable and consistent way

Flavor Digitization

Our trained panels generate unique sensory profiles for individual flavors. We call it "digitizing" flavors. It allows comparability and discrimination between flavors and allows for a new disruptive approach to flavor collection management

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iSense Digital Platform

Flavor Collection Manager

Your own private and secured digital tool to leverage a precious asset, your flavors collection

Flavor Marketplace

Available for F&B manufacturers only and populated with digitized flavors. A sharp and immediate search of flavors beyond your own collection

Data and Intelligence

Optimize your flavor collection, ease and accelerate flavor choice and guide flavor creation. iSense taste data will change the flavor industry dynamics

Enjoy the iSense digital eco-system and benefits, whether you're a Flavor House or a Food and Beverage manufacturers

Commercial reach

Visibility and sample request generation


Productive interaction, innovation focus


Sharper flavor offering/choice

Ingredient/flavor validation

Independent, quick and affordable sensory measure


Be first and bring superior value

Accelerating innovation

Sharper briefing, leveraging data

Quality Control

Independent, quick and affordable sensory measure

Local value creation

Approval of local and/or contingency suppliers

Complexity reduction

Benchmarking and optimizing

Effective procurement

Based on independent flavor specification

Consumer value

Resources to focus on consumers


Doing the right thing