Sensory languages - Global, open, by flavor types (e.g. Strawberry)

iSense builds dedicated sensory languages to enable the profiling of flavors in tasting solutions. The different languages will be open, with their associated descriptors and references.

As a result, communications on flavor taste will be more accurate, which will trigger better project briefs and better guidance for flavorists.

Digitization - Third party sensory profiling of flavors

iSense gathered the best experts in sensory sciences, flavor chemistry, statistics and panel operations to make digitization services available to its early partners from Q1 2019.

Users send us their flavor samples, we profile them and upload the digitized profile into their private and secured office.

iSense digitization generates trusted data and allows discrimination between flavors. This enables you to compare, search and select your desired flavor choice.

Flavor collection management tool - online and designed for professionals

The taste industry traditionally manages flavors collection with excel sheets, with little or no sensory description, making it difficult to discriminate, search or to make effective and quick choice.

iSense allows you to set-up a comprehensive online ID for each flavor, with their digitized sensory profile.

Flavor houses and F&B manufacturers can upload their collections online, digitize selected flavors, create collection subsets and control access.

Managing, optimizing and searching in your own flavor collection becomes easier and faster.

Marketplace services - connecting Flavor Houses with the F&B manufacturers

iSense proposes a global digital marketplace that will host thousands of flavors and other taste ingredients (essential oils, extracts, botanicals etc) with their digitized taste profile.

Flavor houses will publish their flavors on the marketplace to gain commercial reach and generate samples orders.

F&B manufacturers will benchmark and optimize their flavors collection. They will make sharper choice of flavors based on data and order samples immediately from a larger pool of differentiated suppliers.

Data and Intelligence - transitioning the taste industry to digital

What if food product development time and associated costs could be reduced by 30%?

iSense data and integrated statistical tools will offer (1) powerful insights on market and taste trends, (2) productivity all along the flavor value chain, and (3) accelerate product development.

Contact us, be among our early partners and let’s start a discussion.

iSense Flavor Data Intelligence Optimization